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Sit Ski by Anna - Sun 20th April

I have always been fascinated by skiing, but have never indulged in the sport.  Now, nearer in age to my century than my half-century, it is, alas, too late to take up such an active and athletic sport!!   TV Sports coverage allows me to watch in fascination and awe the competitive exploits of the ski-jumpers, cross- country skiers, Nordic skiers, snow boarders, free skiers, etc

So, when my son and his wife asked me if I would like to join them on their skiing holiday in the French Alps, I was delighted to accept, even though fully aware I would not be skiing.  Before we left, I jokingly said to my daughter-in-law, perhaps we could find some hunky young ski-instructor who could pull me down a gentle slope behind him!!

Our charming and comfortable Chalet Mathilde was set in Les Coches in la Plagne with panormic views across snow covered mountains, dotted with small villages, easy access to the ski slopes via the ski lift in the village and virtual doorstep return!  Our chalet hosts were Tom and Beth, who cooked breakfast and a 3 course dinner and Tom was a whizz on afternoon teas!  We all enjoyed the varied cuisine and we should have walked home to rid the extra pounds!!

Imagine my surprise and absolute delight when my joking comment actually became real - to ski with the use of what I can only describe as similar to a baby´s car seat, and a ski instructor whose name was Tomas!  I immediately accepted, although with hindsight, at that point I didn´t really know exactly what I would be skiing down the slopes in!  

I was wedged into my “buet” (virtual infant´s car seat) and securely strapped in.  Tomas explained to me how he operated the car seat in and out of the ski lifts, and on the slopes.  I was asked afterwards if I felt nervous – not at all – I couldn´t wait to get skiing!  We went for a short run first to acclimatize, but I told Tomas that I wanted to go to the top and come down as close to a normal skiers speed as possible, bearing in mind that he had two bodies and the ´contraption´!    Which he then proceeded to do!

 Taking the ski lift to the top was, to me, a most emotional experience: the combination of man´s ingenuity in creating a huge silent lifting machine combined with nature´s pristine beauty and eerie silence took my breath away.   And then we skied down, and the experience lived up to – no surpassed – what I anticipated.  We had several runs from the top and I loved every second.   I just wished I had booked two hours instead of one. 

I cannot thank Tomas, Tom, Beth, Chris and Linda from Ski La Source enough for making my first ski holiday so memorable.

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