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Long time no blog! - Tue 13th October

Well it’s been a while but with less than 3 months until the lifts are open all our thoughts are now turning to skiing, boarding, snow and winter.

Since I last put fingers to keyboard we have been busy down in the Gers having fun with our music.  3 open mics and several village fetes later we are ready to return to “Where is Brian” in the Alps.  New songs in the offing but no extra skills unfortunately!!

There has been a lot of sport under the bridge since I last blogged.  What are Leicester and Palace doing above Spurs in the Premier League?  What’s happened to Englands ODI team (although redeemed by winning the ashes)?  And what happened to the England rugby team – perhaps they’re also confused by all the rules like me……..

One of the best things that happened to me this summer was seeing my old mate Jeff the chef (half dutch, half Australian) on the day that the Aussies lost the Ashes.  Many years ago Jeff & I had our own ashes cricket match outside Chalet Mathilde.  The fielder was his border collie Blue who thought that chasing after the ball down the mountain was great fun.  Sadly, I was bowled out by Jeff so he retains our ashes to this day.  He now lives in Den Haag so might be a while before we play the 2nd test!

Now for something related to winter and skiing.  We are very lucky to have the same team working with us as last year, so Kristian and Hannah looking after the self catered and Myles and Hannah in charge on Chalet Mathilde.  Looking forward to serious debate on West Ham’s chances of success (with Kristian) and  jamming with Myles.

Resort news, the Roxor Bar is now “Zing”!! Under new ownership, so we’ll see what happens there.  It’s going to be renovated so watch this space.  Check out their facebook page on:  


Any other resort news I get I will pass on to you as and when I get it.  Also check out our Twitter feed, not that regular but always worth it!

I’m feeling good about typing so I’m going to do another blog very soon.  If you want to get involved in my chat then please email me on chris.dunglison@gmail.com.

More coming soon

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