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Travel By Train


There are several options :

My sister found this website which seems a good site for train routes and timetables : www.seat61.

Packed Lunch Solutions :  rather than buying pre-wrapped snadwiches on-route stop at the service stations with restaurants or a bakery offering sandwiches.  A great idea is to bring your own packed lunch :  my niece bought me some reusable sandwich warppers from www.re-wrap-it.co.uk .  Alternatively if you already have tupperware at home then use this plus reusable water bottles.  I am sure there are more ideas out there so just let me know and I will add them :)

Hot drinks on route :  don't forget to bring your own reusable cup!  Some service stations offer coffee not from a vending machine which is a great way to cut down on waste.  Don't forget to bring your own teaspoon though as they often give you a plastic stirer

Eurostar have a lot of information on their website :  https://www.eurostar-treadlightly.com/en/environment.php


OPTION 1 - Eurostar direct from London Waterloo to Paris (3 hours), then the TGV from Paris to Landry (5 hours).  Landry is the best station as only 10 mins from us.  Eurostar to Paris and then an overnight train from Paris leaving Friday at 23.12 arriving at Bourg St Maurice at 8.37 on Saturday and then the return leaves Bourg St Maurice at 20.05 and arrives in Paris at 6.31.

OPTION 2 - The overnighter. For the overnight Eurostar : Bourg st Maurice (the train arrives at 6.17am, there is a cafe in the station where you can have breakfast and then we arrange a pick up for 8.20 ish – otherwise you arrive in the resort and nothing is open).  White you ski :  for those staying in our catered chalets you can leave your bags in the garage/entrance hall.  For those staying in self-catered there is a left luggage room for 2 euros a bag in the Tourist Office and we will pick you up from the Tourist Office at around 4-5pm and take you to your accommodation.  Eurostar overnight services (arrives BSM Sat 06.17, departs the following Sat 22.12).  This way you get to enjoy 8 days skiing!  

OPTION 3 - The all day. Eurostar day (departs St Pancras and Ashford from around 10.00, arrives BSM Sat 19.03, departs following Sat 09.34 – arrives about 16.00)

Eurostar +44 (0)8432 186186, Rail Europe +44 (0)8705 848848, SNCF from UK + 33 8 36 35 35 35, inside france 0890 36 10 10(https://www.raileurope.com/index.html, https://uk.voyages-sncf.com/en/#/, http://www.eurostar.com/uk-en,  ).    Local train travel in the Savoie : http://www.sncf.com/fr/trains/ter   Tel:  0891 67.68.00 in france

The Eurostar take advanced group booking requests (more than 10 people)
Tel: 0870 6000 777

The Eurostar take advanced individual booking requests by telephone : 
Tel: 08432 186 186


Transfer from Bourg St Maurice or Landry :  taxi fares for 2018

Bourg St Maurice to Les Coches/Montchavin

Miniumum 50 euros :  12 euros per person

Landry to Les Ccohes

Minimum 35 euros  :  9€ per person

Landry to Montchavin

Minimum 25 euros  :  8 euros per person


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